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How We Started

Founded in 2008 by
Team Justice Disc Golf

Mitch and Patty Justice founded the Heart of Texas Tour in 2008 as a way to bring together a few long standing Austin events(COTO, Red Rock Show, etc) plus support foundations like EDGE. They also focused on having more accessible events, by hosting B & C-Tiers at some of the most popular courses around Central Texas

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Acquired by Mint

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Mitch and Patty asked Mint Discs to take over the tour for the next generation.


Going forward, Mint Discs sees the HOTT Tour as a vehicle to unite the Texas disc golf scene. While it was primarily a Central Texas tour, it has now expanded to include (6) A-Tiers in 2023.

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Where We're Going

Our goal is continue to add popular local events to the tour. These events should be focused on improving courses, donating to charities, and also enriching their local disc golf community.

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